Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday was busy . . . Today, I'm anxious

Five items of note happened yesterday: I burned the palm of my hand with some soup at lunchtime (it's better today) . . .

I mailed tax papers and promotional pictures to the Flint Public Library for next month's lecture . . .

I mailed signed contracts for a lecture/workshop in Santa Rosa next year (March) . . .

I visited an old friend in the hospital (I love that old man; I don't know what to do for him; there's nothing I can do for him; it hurts me to see him like this) . . .

I had most of a box of quilts photographed (all the quilts use the same set of templates; many are for the show this week; I'll have all of 'em added to the website next week).

I anxious for only two things today: I expect delivery of my new business cards from VistaPrint and computer memory chips from Greg in the mail . . . woo hoo!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your burn. Hope it's nothing serious.

    I look forward to the pictures of the quilts.

    WHAT? Stop with the 3 letter T word.. It's too early for that!!

    I do hope your friend gets better, sometimes a visit, a kind word and a smile are all thats needed.

    Enjoy the chips.. They are fat & guilt free, I promise!

  2. Thank you, Greg . . .

    The hand is as good as new (no blisters, and little tenderness) . . . good thing, too, because I'm left-handed (the hand I burned)!!

    The pictured quilts will be available for sale (if they aren't bought at the show, first) . . .

    I have some unfinished business with my friend: I was in the middle of proofreading a cookbook he had typed for a third party . . . I may be able to track down the third party, but how to access his computer to finish the work?? (of course this leads me down a path I'd rather not think about . . .)

    . . . still no mail, LOL!!

  3. Hello Raymond,
    I saw your post on Quilt Art and followed the link to your blog. Your work is beautiful and good for you taking advantage of the great information on the blogs about blogging. I've added you to my Google Reader feed.
    All the best,
    Dana Fisher
    the Quilted Librarian

  4. Hello, Dana,

    You're the second person to "follow my blog" on account of my comment on the QuiltArt list (see, it DOES work!!) . . . thank you for the compliments (there's more to come) . . .