Saturday, May 9, 2009

Writing and being written about . . .

I am writing a book . . .

No, I have written a book . . .

No, I have written THE book . . .

Yes, I've written the book about my design system . . .

Years ago, I read Peter S. Stevens' "Handbook of Regular Patterns: An Introduction to Symmetry in Two Dimensions." That's where I learned about the four operations of symmetry: translation, rotation, reflection, and glide reflection. That's where I learned about the 17 wallpaper groups, a mathematical classification of two-dimensional patterns developed by crystallographers. But, crystallographers are not necessarily quilters . . .

Then, I read Ruth B. McDowell's "Symmetry: A Design System for Quiltmakers," and Jinny Beyer's "Designing Tessellations: the Secrets of Interlocking Patterns." Both books used the same crystallographers' classification. But, quilters are not necessarily crystallographers . . .

I used the same classification system in designing patterns. As an aid, I drew a chart of the symmetries, using groups of four squares. Looking at the chart, I discovered two things: the 4-patch blocks were basically two pairs of squares placed beside each other, on top of each other, or diagonally from each other; and, in all but one instance, the squares were right side up or upside down, but never sideways. Granted, the crystallographers' system was based on what they observed in nature.

I propose a new method of designing 2-dimensional patterns, ignoring the operations of symmetry, and using more "sideways" squares. Considering the crystallographers' system is based on what they observed in nature, my system would have to be considered "outside" of nature and "beyond" symmetry. "Beyond Symmetry" is the working title of my book.

The book chronicles how I saw what everyone else missed . . . it presents a square, and a set of "design cards" to play/experiment with . . . it methodically works its way through 4-patch and 9-patch blocks to patterns . . . it shows how to design other original squares (there are literally millions of 'em to be made), and presents a set of multi-use templates for the patterns in the book. Finally, it presents a section outlining my oft-requested "ribbon" quilt (which just so happens to be among the infinite patterns the templates can make). I'm currently writing the last section.

The book will be about 40 pages, at best. For now, I intend to have a dozen or so booklets made up at the local copy shop to have on hand for a local lecture in a week and a half. After that, I'll delve into the realm of "print-on-demand" and offer the book on my redesigned website.

So much for writing . . .

Earlier today, I was interviewed via telephone by Joe Cunningham ( Joe is writing a book about male quilters, and wants to include me. I must have talked for an hour and a half (it WAS his dime, after all)!! It was a great interview (when I let him get a word in edgewise to ask a question, that is). He learned about me, and I learned about him . . . we both learned what we have in common.

Joe promised to pick out the juiciest, most salacious, sexy, and gossipy parts of the interview to include in my 3-4 page chapter (the real challenge will be to find the parts that AREN'T)!! I'm willing to bet that statement alone drives up book sales!! LOL!!

I eagerly await my "15 minutes of fame" . . . WooHoo!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Male Quilters' blogs and websites

The following list is another "work-in-progress" . . .

I am looking for other male quilters who have an online presence (either website or blog).

So far, my list includes:

  1. Bob Adams -- Bob Adams
  2. Curly Boy -- Curly Boy
  3. Rob Appell -- Rob Appell Designs -- Rob Appell Blog
  4. Jean Pierre Avonts-Saint Lager -- Les Tableaux Textiles
  5. Phil Beaver -- J. Phil Beaver Quilts
  6. Gene Black -- Gene Black, an Alabama Artist
  7. Tristan Robin Blakeman -- Tristan Robin Blakeman Artist
  8. Edward Bostick -- Edward Bostick African American Quilts
  9. Kevin Britton -- Journey of a QuiltGuy
  10. Rich Brote -- Rich, the Quilt Man
  11. Wendell George Brown -- Wendell George Brown
  12. Bruce -- Confessions of a Male Quiltaholic
  13. Greg Bryson -- Flat Out Quilting
  14. Richard Caro --Deus Ex (Sewing) Machina -- A Quiltversation
  15. John Cary -- Quilt Dad
  16. Michael A. Cummings -- Michael A. Cummings, Artist & Quilter
  17. Joe Cunningham -- Joe the Quilter, AKA Joe Cunningham
  18. Glenn Dragone -- yarn + needle
  19. Ken Ellis -- Featured Artist
  20. John Flynn -- Flynn Quilt Frame Company
  21. Jim Gatling -- Jim Gatling's Crazy Creative Life
  22. Tom H -- Quilting and Carving
  23. Brian Haggard -- The Creative World of Brian Haggard
  24. Michael Handley -- State of the Craft
  25. Scott Hansen -- Blue Nickel Studios
  26. Luke Haynes -- Luke Haynes
  27. Simon Henry -- Simon Henry Needle Craft
  28. Carl Hentsch -- 3 Dog Design Co
  29. Henry Holmes -- Henry's Arts
  30. Raymond K. Houston -- Nacho Grandma's Quilts -- Tessellation Nation -- Knotty Celtic Knots
  31. Michael James -- Michael James Studio Quilts
  32. Jack Jeppson -- Real Men Quilt -- Blog
  33. Jeremy -- Sew Like a Man
  34. Alan Kelchner -- Alan Kelchner, Textile Artist -- Alan Kelchner's blog
  35. Mike Kelley -- Mike Kelley's Rainbows
  36. Wayne Kollinger -- Tuxedo Park Design
  37. Kevin Kosbab -- Feed Dog
  38. John M. Kubiniec -- Big Rig Quilting
  39. Eddie Landreth -- The Arkansas Man Quilter
  40. Peter Lappin -- Male Pattern Boldness
  41. Richard Larson -- Quilting Design Studio
  42. Steven Lennert -- Wind River Quilting
  43. Don Linn -- Mr. Quilt's World
  44. Mark Lipinski -- Pickle Road Studios
  45. Patrick Lose -- Patrick Lose
  46. Jay Martin -- You Quilt?
  47. Jimmy McBride -- Jimmy McBride
  48. Rick McGuire -- Rick McGuire, Quilt Nerd
  49. Jim Mikula -- Artwork by Jim Mikula
  50. Scott Murkin -- Scott Murkin
  51. Rick Najdzion -- Whimzee Stitches Designs
  52. Paul Perger -- Outnumbered Quilter
  53. Gerard Quak -- Gerards Handwerken
  54. Shawn Quinlan -- Quiltman
  55. Gert van Raalten -- Real Men Stitch and Sew (written in Dutch)
  56. Daniel Rouse -- Piece and Press
  57. Gerald Roy -- Pilgrim/Roy Antiques and Interiors
  58. Tom Russell -- Tom Russell Quilts
  59. Charlie Scott -- Qubee Quilts
  60. Bruce Seeds -- Quilts.Bruce Seeds
  61. Jonathan Shannon -- The Alliance for American Quilts Interview
  62. Mark L. Sherman -- Remarkable Quilts
  63. George Siciliano -- George Siciliano
  64. John Sims -- John Sims Projects (you gotta skip the intro, then click on "Pi Project," and follow the arrows)
  65. Matthew Sparrow --
  66. David Taylor -- David Taylor Quilts
  67. Ricky Tims -- Ricky Tims, Musician & Quilter
  68. Giles Turnbull -- Touch And Sew
  69. Ben Venom -- Mr. Ben Venom
  70. David Walker -- David Walker: Artist and Web Designer
  71. Dwayne Wanner -- Dwayne F. Wanner, Contemporary Quilter
  72. Jim West -- Sew Many Places -- Scrap Map -- Quiltposium
  73. Lane Wilhite --That Man Quilts?
  74. Kent Williams -- Kent Williams - Art Quilts
  75. J. Bruce Wilcox -- J. Bruce Wilcox
  76. Erick Wolfmeyer -- E. Wolfmeyer Quilts
Do YOU know someone I've missed??