Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mardi Gras Men, continued . . .

Below is the 1M-4-1M-3-4M-3M-2-2M-1M block. It contains portions of four different men.
Below are colored blocks . . . for the sake of balance, the top row shown is actually the bottom third of a block (2-2M-1M) . . . then, there's a row of complete blocks . . . and, the bottom two rows show are actually the top two-thirds of a block (1M-4-1M-3-4M-3M).

In this drawing, you can see where two or more shapes are the same color. During construction, I taped my templates together and cut these shapes in one piece. This eliminated extra sewing (and fabric). Then again, I was only using one fabric per color. If I were using say, five or six different fabrics of each color, I would have cut the shapes as individual pieces and mixed them up, so I wouldn't get the same fabrics touching each other.

Here's a question for you: What is the minimum number of colors you can use for this pattern (for the men)?? What is the maximum number of colors you can use??

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  1. Wow! I'll take a stab at your questions. Minimum number of colors for the men would be 1. Maximum would be an infinite number. Am I correct or have I gotten out of bed too early?

    If your followers would like additional information,help, support, design tips, hints etc.. They are all invited to join the NGQ Tile Addicts Group at yahoo. Cut and paste the address in your browser to join.

  2. Go back to bed, Greg . . . You're not only too early, but too low, LOL!! If all the men are the same color, how could you tell one from another?? (You're correct about the maximum number, though . . . you can use as many colors as there are men in your quilt)

    Yes, there's a group for recovering tile addicts (and I won't delete this one) . . . Thank You, Greg!!

  3. You could use 1 color, but it'd look kinda funky and the men would bleed together makingthem a blob of sorts.

  4. Right you are . . . you will need strong contrast between the colors . . . one color in light, medium, and dark shades would work.

  5. HA-now i don't have to steal your quilt. playing with mine. since i always, but always end up sewing something wrong on a conventional quilt pattern, i'm anticipating a lot of swearing at myself because i'm sure i'm going to get some men half one color and a leg or arm a different color. perseverence, swearing, chocolate, and probably a drink or two will get this done. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU.

  6. Paula, you're very welcome . . . as for coloring, here's a suggestion: I took a sheet of tiles and made a "color map," showing which pieces had to be which color (and whether it was a regular tile or mirrored) . . . then, I made multiples of each (I ended up with 29 different colorings of tiles) . . . then, I laid out the sewed squares, using the original drawing as a guide . . . I'm pulling for ya!!

  7. Three is the minimun. The many acres are there on your ranch?

  8. KEE-WRECK!! . . . (hands the Cowboy a kewpie doll)

    Say, aren't you related to the Kansas Kid??