Friday, May 1, 2009

Male Quilters' blogs and websites

The following list is another "work-in-progress" . . .

I am looking for other male quilters who have an online presence (either website or blog).

So far, my list includes:

  1. Bob Adams -- Bob Adams
  2. Curly Boy -- Curly Boy
  3. Rob Appell -- Rob Appell Designs -- Rob Appell Blog
  4. Jean Pierre Avonts-Saint Lager -- Les Tableaux Textiles
  5. Phil Beaver -- J. Phil Beaver Quilts
  6. Gene Black -- Gene Black, an Alabama Artist
  7. Tristan Robin Blakeman -- Tristan Robin Blakeman Artist
  8. Edward Bostick -- Edward Bostick African American Quilts
  9. Kevin Britton -- Journey of a QuiltGuy
  10. Rich Brote -- Rich, the Quilt Man
  11. Wendell George Brown -- Wendell George Brown
  12. Bruce -- Confessions of a Male Quiltaholic
  13. Greg Bryson -- Flat Out Quilting
  14. Richard Caro --Deus Ex (Sewing) Machina -- A Quiltversation
  15. John Cary -- Quilt Dad
  16. Michael A. Cummings -- Michael A. Cummings, Artist & Quilter
  17. Joe Cunningham -- Joe the Quilter, AKA Joe Cunningham
  18. Glenn Dragone -- yarn + needle
  19. Ken Ellis -- Featured Artist
  20. John Flynn -- Flynn Quilt Frame Company
  21. Jim Gatling -- Jim Gatling's Crazy Creative Life
  22. Tom H -- Quilting and Carving
  23. Brian Haggard -- The Creative World of Brian Haggard
  24. Michael Handley -- State of the Craft
  25. Scott Hansen -- Blue Nickel Studios
  26. Luke Haynes -- Luke Haynes
  27. Simon Henry -- Simon Henry Needle Craft
  28. Carl Hentsch -- 3 Dog Design Co
  29. Henry Holmes -- Henry's Arts
  30. Raymond K. Houston -- Nacho Grandma's Quilts -- Tessellation Nation -- Knotty Celtic Knots
  31. Michael James -- Michael James Studio Quilts
  32. Jack Jeppson -- Real Men Quilt -- Blog
  33. Jeremy -- Sew Like a Man
  34. Alan Kelchner -- Alan Kelchner, Textile Artist -- Alan Kelchner's blog
  35. Mike Kelley -- Mike Kelley's Rainbows
  36. Wayne Kollinger -- Tuxedo Park Design
  37. Kevin Kosbab -- Feed Dog
  38. John M. Kubiniec -- Big Rig Quilting
  39. Eddie Landreth -- The Arkansas Man Quilter
  40. Peter Lappin -- Male Pattern Boldness
  41. Richard Larson -- Quilting Design Studio
  42. Steven Lennert -- Wind River Quilting
  43. Don Linn -- Mr. Quilt's World
  44. Mark Lipinski -- Pickle Road Studios
  45. Patrick Lose -- Patrick Lose
  46. Jay Martin -- You Quilt?
  47. Jimmy McBride -- Jimmy McBride
  48. Rick McGuire -- Rick McGuire, Quilt Nerd
  49. Jim Mikula -- Artwork by Jim Mikula
  50. Scott Murkin -- Scott Murkin
  51. Rick Najdzion -- Whimzee Stitches Designs
  52. Paul Perger -- Outnumbered Quilter
  53. Gerard Quak -- Gerards Handwerken
  54. Shawn Quinlan -- Quiltman
  55. Gert van Raalten -- Real Men Stitch and Sew (written in Dutch)
  56. Daniel Rouse -- Piece and Press
  57. Gerald Roy -- Pilgrim/Roy Antiques and Interiors
  58. Tom Russell -- Tom Russell Quilts
  59. Charlie Scott -- Qubee Quilts
  60. Bruce Seeds -- Quilts.Bruce Seeds
  61. Jonathan Shannon -- The Alliance for American Quilts Interview
  62. Mark L. Sherman -- Remarkable Quilts
  63. George Siciliano -- George Siciliano
  64. John Sims -- John Sims Projects (you gotta skip the intro, then click on "Pi Project," and follow the arrows)
  65. Matthew Sparrow --
  66. David Taylor -- David Taylor Quilts
  67. Ricky Tims -- Ricky Tims, Musician & Quilter
  68. Giles Turnbull -- Touch And Sew
  69. Ben Venom -- Mr. Ben Venom
  70. David Walker -- David Walker: Artist and Web Designer
  71. Dwayne Wanner -- Dwayne F. Wanner, Contemporary Quilter
  72. Jim West -- Sew Many Places -- Scrap Map -- Quiltposium
  73. Lane Wilhite --That Man Quilts?
  74. Kent Williams -- Kent Williams - Art Quilts
  75. J. Bruce Wilcox -- J. Bruce Wilcox
  76. Erick Wolfmeyer -- E. Wolfmeyer Quilts
Do YOU know someone I've missed??


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I included your blog in an article I did on Ricky Tims:

    I look forward to seeing your blog grow~

  2. Wow I didn't realize there were that many male quilting blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You're welcome, Shasta . . .

    There's more to come . . .

  5. I believe that you forgot lives in Arizona and has appeared on The Carroll Duvall Show,America Sews,and other quilting magazines.Email

  6. Nope, I didn't forget . . . I just didn't know. I will certainly be in contact with him. Thank you (whoever you are) . . .

  7. David gives an interview at Planet Patchwork on the internet.Personally,I prefer,Paula Nadelstern.

  8. Thanks for creating this blog.

    Join our Facebook Group.

    I have started an African American Quilters Group on Facebook. Our goal is to reach 1,000,000 quilters of color to participate.

    We have set up the Facebook group to create an opportunity for African American Quilters to connect with one another, share information and share ideas.

    Go to Facebook and search for "African American Quilters Group".

  9. Don't forget,www.robappell.blogspot.Luke Hayes is talked about at

  10. I learned how to use a sewing machine in Sept. '09, took a quilting class in Oct. '09 and have made 13 quilts so far with another 5 on the boards. Good to see that other guys are also quilting. It is also good to see that my choices towards fabrics (they tend to differ from a good number of the ladies' quilting choices that I hae seen)are more frequent amongst my male peers.

  11. Hi Raymond, check out Jimmy McBride at

  12. Lane at That Man Quilts:

    Jeremy at Sew Like A Man:

    You ought to make a perma-link to this page from your home page. I love to see how men quilt it. I'll be visiting these blogs. Thanks!

    xo -E

  13. Elizabeth, thank you for the heads-up (and two new additions to the list) . . .

    There IS a permalink to this page on the home page . . . it's the fourth widget down in the right-hand column.

  14. I'm a male quilter! I have a blog, but it's written in Dutch only...(sorry...) My name is Gert van Raalten and I'm a 40 year old male quilter from the Netherlands. I live in a town called Utrecht. My blog is called "Real Men Stitch and Sew" and you'll find it here:
    Best regards, Gert

  15. Have you see the Dave Huson website,www.thepatternman?

  16. I meant to type Dave Hudson.

  17. There's also,Rick McGuire,male quilter.

  18. Feel free to include me.

    Bruce Seeds (blog) (site) (store)

  19. Michael Aaron McAllister


  21. Rick Danner page manquilters,Neil Chisholm,and type in male quilter at Cafe Press for baseball cap and tshirt that say real men quilt and quilt widow.

  22. The book,Men And The Art Of Quilt Making,by Joe Cunningham.

  23. Um, er, pay attention, Anonymous . . . I've blogged about "Men and the Art of Quiltmaking" . . . I'm IN "Men and the Art of Quiltmaking," LOL!!

  24. Hey, Raymond. How about me! Kevin Britton,


  25. Hey, Kevin!! Thanks for calling attention to yourself (I can't be everywhere at once, ya know). You're in there, now . . . welcome aboard!!

  26. Raymond, I have a website for my longarm business,
    No blog yet.
    Love the list, great information.

    Steve Lennert

  27. You're "in the mix" now, man!! Glad to have you here!!

  28. Al Heslop."My wife didn't make that quilt,I did."

  29. Adam Chenevert- realmenquilt world press

  30. Manquilters an online community for men .Mike Smith of Toronto,Ontario.

  31. Bruce Wilkerson,Christopher Nejman,and Doug J. Riggins.

  32. J.Bradford Stuman,and Louis Pretorius.

  33. You can now purchase,2,500 Feathers,in DVD,by Adam Chenevert.

  34. Christopher Nejman dot com.

  35. An online community for men who quilt.Stuart M. Vanderbloemen,Criag Wickham,Jymm R.Jones,Stephen Findley,MarcusD.Marshall,Andy Brunhammer,Bob Esliger,John Casey,Marcus D.Marshall,Stuart Sandler,Dan Harper.

  36. Design artist,Jamie Wallen.

  37. Holice Turnbow.Manquilter.And on Quitingtv

  38. Thanks for including me on the list!

  39. Tim"the Harley"Quilter.

  40. Tim Hoffman at

  41. Quilt backs by Buick Jim.

  42. Jim Hahn at facebook

  43. The Arkansas manquilterblogspot.

  44. You Quilt? at
    Blog of Jay and Angela Martin. Mainly his posts and works, sometimes he'll post on her stuff. It is still new and he seems to be trying to get the hang of blogging.

  45. Must all the quilting male's come from USA? I'm a Dutch guy who quilt, my Url is
    Greatings from Holland! Aart

  46. I've recently started quilting and blogging in the UK. My blog is "Curly boy" and it's at:

    It'd be great if you could add me to the list!

  47. I love this resource. Thank you for having it. I'm currently working on a book of quilt stories about men quilters. The stories will either be about the men or one of their quilts. I hope some of the men you've listed will be willing to be in the book. At least you've given me a starting point. Thanks.

  48. But as I no longer blog at this location, you might wanna try for a more up-to-date list.

  49. . . . Take a look at

  50. couldn't figure out how to share my blog ..

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