Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Has it really been two weeks since I've posted??

I could say, "my, how time flies when you're having fun," but I'd be lying . . .

It's been pretty much "business as usual" (until recently) . . .

Saturday, I started working on "Shaking the Winter Blues." I sewed the first two pieces to eighty foundations for one colorway, and started sewing the first two pieces to foundations for the alternating colorway (I just don't know how many, yet). Once I have an accurate count, then I can determine how big this piece will be (I'm determined to use up ALL that leftover fabric).

I hope to post some pics, soon . . .

Today, a friend on Facebook told me I'm on page 35 of the latest issue of Quilter's Home . . . now, I've got to find a local shop that sells the magazine.

Next weekend (Memorial Day weekend), I'll be attending the first International Society of African-American Quilters conference, here in St. Louis . . . I'll even be presenting design workshops. I'm pretty excited about that.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ketchup (or, Wow!! What a week!!)

Monday: I joined Facebook . . . I started with the people in my mailing lists who have Facebook profiles . . . then, I moved on to people with common friends . . . now, I'm being approached by people who I know (but haven't seen in awhile). I'm at 355 friends (with no end in sight). Monday night, I bought some more orange fabric for "Shaking the Winter Blues" (and now I need to buy some more yellow).

Tuesday: I took the day off so I could prepare for my lecture at Bits 'N' Pieces quilt guild. I spent the day stapling bundles of muslin foundations and gluing card stock templates to sandpaper. I packed the car, and picked up Ed after work, but had to make a stop before heading to the lecture because our new car was ready!! We now have an '09 Chevy Impala with 35,000 miles (and loving it). After signing the paperwork, we left the car on the lot (and picked it up after the lecture).

The lecture went well: there were about 90 people in attendance, and many of them told me how entertaining my talk was. One woman owns a quilt shop in Eureka, MO, and offered to sell me a copy of Electric Quilt 7 at a 30% discount if I plugged her shop in my blog: Susie Q Quilting, 131 S. Central Ave., Eureka, MO 63025 (636-587-2772). It'll be a couple of months before she'll have EQ7 in her shop.

Wednesday: My blog, Tessellation Nation, was chosen as "Website of the Week" by The Stitch-N-Frame Shop. Needless to say, the blog experienced the second highest number of views since it launched!! After work, Ed and I went to our usual microbrewery, Mattingly Brewing Co. to celebrate.

Thursday: Ed and I joined some of my fellow choristers for dinner at a posh French bistro for Dining out for Life. Restaurants throughout the city donate 25% of their proceeds to the St. Louis Effort for Aids.

Friday: At work, I was awarded a Justice Award from the Circuit Attorney's office to recognize my contributions to the office . . . I won't bore you with the details of their praise, but it involved taking on most of the work of my office-mate for several months while she recuperated from back surgery (and continuing the workload even after her return). There was a nice framed certificate, and a check for a couple hundred dollars!!

Saturday: This morning, Ed and I drove an hour west of St. Louis to have breakfast with my dad and brothers. Afterwards, we drove back to St. Louis to do our usual banking and shopping errands (I rewarded myself with a new mp3 player to download audiobooks). Late afternoon, we went to see The Clash of the Titans 3D. This evening, I downloaded my first audiobook, Under the Dome by Stephen King (over 34 hours of listening).

I'm tired . . .

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