Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Logo for NGQ!!

I've been discussing this with my designer . . . originally, I wanted the Mardi Gras Man motif as part of my website logo, but considering he only shows up in one quilt, he wasn't a good choice.

A week or so ago, I suggested using my tile, which will be showing up more and more in my quilts. And, with all the people who now have sets of the design tile, it's better recognized. (Can you say, "Branding"??)

This morning, Patrick emailed me to say the new logo has been implemented!! What do you think of it??

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  1. I like the new logo... I'm going to refer to it simply as 'Raymond'. On secioond thought, if that one is Raymond, what do we call the offspring that are printed everyday? I guess 'Raymond MMXXVIII' has a nice ring to it!!! Just don't request a tile family reunion!!

  2. Thank you, Greg . . . he doesn't care if you call him "Raymond," just don't call him late for meals!! LOL!!

  3. Well, yippie ki yi yea! if its not the "Right Angle W" brand. My doggies would look right smart wearin' that brand.

    Auntie M says the whole of Kansas might get carried away with that brand, but ya all know she lives in OZ.

    Ol' Shep thinks ... well. whatever it is that dogs do on things.

    Its been nice spendin' time with ya, but Ol' Hoss 'n me gotta go design the Back 40 with that right smart brand of yours. Got Golden Rod, Indiam Comb and Blue Bonnet in mind.

  4. You're not from around here, are ya??

    Dorothy may have visited Oz, but Auntie Em has always lived in Kansas . . .

    Thanks for the compliment . . . Golden Rod, Indian Comb, and Blue Bonnet??

  5. I like it! It's simplicity sez it all. But, (you know with women there's always a but in there somewhere) you love color so why not add more color to the logo? Not a suggestion, just curious.

  6. Thank you, Chris . . . the color is in line with the overall website (though I guess some mustard woulda been acceptable). Too many colors would be more of a distraction and look out of place.

    Eye-popping quilts, yes . . . eye-popping logo, no. Fair enough??