Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Male Quilters than you can shake a stick at . . .

Can you believe it's been eight months since I last posted a link to my list of Male Quilters??

It has . . .

Here's a new link to an old page:  Male Quilters with an online presence.


I can hardly stand it!!

Do you remember me telling you about the Yahoo! QuiltGuy group??  I've participated in several fabric swaps with them in the past.

Well, I've done it again!!

This time, I entered not one, not two, but THREE different fabric swaps!!  One was themed "Solids," one was themed "Tone-on-Tone," and one was themed "Neutrals."  There were about 20 guys in each swap, so I got about 5 yards of fat-quarter fabrics!!

So much for being a "quilter without a stash" because now I have 15 yards of fabric!!  I guess it's a start, eh??  First, I'm gonna sort it, then I'm gonna determine "what's missing."  I'll post pics (I promise).

What am I gonna do with this fabric??  Well, my other blog, Tessellation Nation, turns one year old tomorrow.  I'm gonna post some new patterns there and pick one (or more) to work with.