Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Day at the Races, A Night at the Opera (but, no Duck Soup) . . .

Today was a "mental health" day for me . . .

I'm a paralegal by day . . . I work for the Circuit Attorney, City of St. Louis, in the Child Support Unit. For nearly four months, I've done the work of two people, while my office mate recovers from back surgery. I prepare paperwork, etc. for six investigators and six attorneys (and, make it look easy, LOL)!!

I drove my partner to work this morning, then came home and went straight to my studio . . . I worked on the binding for my Mardi Gras Men quilt, the largest of the four quilts I've bound this week. I sewed for three hours, then went to visit a friend in the hospital; I sat and visited with him for an hour. I went back to my studio when I came home . . . another couple of hours, and I finished binding.

I'm at a loss, here . . . I have leftover squares and pieces for squares from two previous projects . . . I still have some uncut fabric from a recent fabric swap. Do I make something new from what's left of the old, or design something new for the new?? The theme of the fabric swap was "Fall," so I have some nice browns, oranges, and the like . . . I'm thinking of adding a sage green and a sky blue to the mix.

I did the dishes; cleaned the litter boxes (long overdue, but I have no one but myself to blame); and, took out the trash . . . one can only stand so much domesticity for one day!!

I picked up my partner from work, and I "doctored" some store-bought chicken salad for a light dinner. Then, we took a brief nap before we went to the Muny Opera. In Forest Park, site of the 1904 World's Fair, there's the Municipal Opera. It's an open-air amphitheater that has nightly musical theater that changes weekly . . . this was one of the last nights for "Hairspray."

I won the tickets several months ago at a reception I attended. There were those who said, "Raymond, think about it: outdoor theater in St. Louis in AUGUST!!" The weather was surprisingly agreeable. I hadn't been to the Muny since I was a child (and our family sat in the "free seats" way at the back). Tonight's seats weren't cheap and were much closer to the stage. My partner, Ed, had NEVER been to the Muny (and, we've lived here too many years to tell). We both enjoyed ourselves, and the show.

We got home after midnight (it takes time for thousands of cars to leave the park, you know). We've had a cocktail, and may head to bed soon . . . today is another day.


  1. I'm sure whatever you decide to do with your leftover squares will be yet another great work from you.. BTW.. Your cats, even though they won't say it, thank you for cleaning their box.

  2. I'll tell you a story about my cats . . .

    They're male litter mates; we've had them (15 years??) . . . the black-and-white one is Rambo (short for Rambunctious) . . . the little, black one is (you guessed it) Sambo. (do I LOOK like I'm concerned about being "politically correct"?? I'm a male quilter, for pete's sake!!)

    anyway, back to my story . . .

    One evening I'm in the kitchen; Ed's watching TV in the living room; and, "the boys" are nowhere in sight. I yell out, "I'm opening a can of pears . . . do you want the pear juice??" I wait a beat, then yell out, "I'm opening a can of tuna . . . do you want the tuna juice??" Rambo and Sambo scamper into the kitchen with expectant looks on their faces, as if to say, "Tuna juice?? . . . where??"

    My cats, even though they won't say it, probably speak perfectly understood French!! . . . "Merci, monsieur!!"

  3. I stumbled on your blog by accident seen you in st louis when you cmae to wee quilters Thoughly enjoyed you and i would have walked out if i had been you and they kept putting ou off really enjoyed readingi you busted for christmas. how true. i have 2 granddaughters whose fathers want all the rights of daddy but do not keep jobs where they can be gone after
    you know the drill they work under tabel or just enough till they law catches up with htem then they are unemloyed. got to mark this so can come back to it. Keep it going