Monday, July 27, 2009

What is it?? . . . What am I doing??

I primarily use foundation piecing for my quilt tops . . . I sew my fabric pieces to a foundation of lightly-starched muslin. I treat the two layers of fabric as one. When the top is complete, the muslin remains (unlike paper piecing, where the paper is torn away).

I found that using batting and a backing made the resulting quilt too heavy, too hot, too too . . . Now, I only use a flannel backing (and no batting). It can be used year-round ("Quilts aren't just for winter, anymore . . .").

This weekend, I began working on the Mardi Gras Men quilt. I'm sewing parallel rows of white thread at a 45 degree angle (you can just make it out in the pic below). I'm about 3/4 done.

I have two questions for you: is it a quilt (or a coverlet)?? . . . am I quilting (or sewing a lining to a quilt top)??


  1. Beautiful! IMHO, I say it's a quilt. It's quilted, has at least two layers, it's a quilt. Technically, it has 3 layers. Either way, it's a gorgeous work of art and something to be proud of.

  2. Thank you, Chris . . .

    I'm hearing the term "summer quilt" thrown about, though it gets too hot and humid in St. Louis to even THINK about sleeping under one (and if I am, the air conditioner's set too low, LOL)!!

    This quilt may be better suited for spring or fall, rather than summer . . . in the winter, it could top a utilitarian blanket for added warmth (and a splash of color)!!

  3. If it looks like a quilt, is quilted like a quilt then I say its a quilt, and its beautiful IMO. Very nice work.

  4. Thank you, Greg . . .

    "Quilt" it is!!

  5. Hmmm...ok, here's my unasked for analysis as a former museum curator and historian. What we call "crazy quilts" --and while they were called Japanese or puzzle quilts as well they were always refered to as a "quilt." Quilt, b definition is three layers held together with stitching. If they were held by tacking, then they were comforters. Note: not stitching, tacking in any way as being tied, buttons or whatever.

    A summer throw (technically these weren't called quilts, at least not in the NE) is two layers which are stitched or tacked.

    So, as you ascertained, as it has three layers (snippets on top, the foundation layer and a backing), and because you have historical precident behind you , I think you have one CRAZY (and wonderful) quilt!

  6. Well, I DID ask (and you responded beautifully, thank you) . . .

    So, there are different names for different layers of fabric and different methods of stitching . . . and, let's not forget geographic distinctions.

    It makes me think of "what is the sound of one hand clapping??" . . . What is a covering of one layer of fabric??

  7. Raymond--what a cool quilt. I love tesselations and I'm from La. Very creative!

  8. Thank you, Judy . . . this "Mardi Gras Men" is actually the second quilt I've made like this: the first one was a combination Thank You/housewarming gift for a couple in New Orleans we stayed with during Mardi Gras, earlier this year. For their quilt, I attached strings of Mardi Gras beads around the men's necks (with safety pins, from the back).

  9. Raymonds just wrangling a bunch of men and herding them to Mardi Gras!

  10. Well, pardner . . . men are easier to herd than say, housecats (and, probably more fun, to boot)!! Two hundred days (and counting) . . .

    A friend of mine dubbed this my first homo-erotic quilt . . . each man is touching (and being touched by) three other men . . . we won't even mention the fact that each man has his head between another man's legs . . . my bad (and I wasn't even trying).

    Considering the excesses of Mardi Gras, this quilt is tame in comparison, LOL!!