Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stamping muslin foundations

Today, my stamp-pad foam from Dharma arrived in the mail (actually, it arrived yesterday, but I wasn't in the office to get it).

This evening, I cut a sheet of it to size, inked it up, and started stamping muslin foundations. I like the results much better than using an inked sheet of felt. I stamped about 50 in no time flat!! Shown below are the front of one square and the back of another. The inked lines are clearly visible from either side; reversible foundations will come in handy.

Up next: a day in the life of a foundation-pieced square.


  1. Very cool! I watched you on Simply Quilts many times and I am glad to see you continuing this very clever process. I look forward to the book. I am actually a crazy quilter so the foundation piecing is near and dear to my heart. I do the same kind of this to teach piecing using the sulky transfer pen. Probably not as fast but you can do 10 blocks on one inking. I don't need quite as many as you do at a time. :o) I saw your post on the AA quilters list.

  2. Thank you, Willa,

    I like the uniformity of foundation piecing, since my dad sometimes helps me and the squares have to be uniform, regardless of which of us makes 'em. I had been stencilling the squares, but realized the stencils wouldn't last . . . rubber stamping will.

    This is the same square used throughout the pending book. I may package pre-stamped muslin squares as a 'spin off' from the book!!