Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby Quilt!!

This morning before work, I finished binding this baby quilt.
It measures 48" x 36", and is actually two smaller pieces using the same fabrics, joined into one (look at the color changes down the middle).

I made this quilt for the baby of one of my co-workers; the baby is now 20 months old (ok, so I'm a little behind).  I have two more to make:  one baby is a year old, the second baby is only weeks old (I'm catching up, at least, lol).

I also need to make a prayer quilt for a woman at church, and maybe an additional baby quilt (if the interested party can find additional funds).  It could be a busy time for me, yes??


  1. I love this quilt! I know you create your own blocks,, I'm going to study this one and see just what you did :)
    also like the use of solids,, I see all sorts of possiblities!
    Beth in Dallas

  2. Thank you, Beth!!

    You can see the basic unit I use on my other blog, Tessellation Nation . . .

    If you're still at a loss, gimme a yell and I'll walk you through it!!