Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mock Celtic Knot Cross . . . (part 4)

Last night (or early this morning), I laid out most of the pieces for the cross.  It turns out that there are FOUR different shapes, not three; I decided they would wait until morning.

I went to bed.

I got up early this morning to lay out my pieces, but first I had to peel off the paper backing.  The paper backing had curled up overnight; I was afraid the fabric wouldn't lay flat, but it did.  I traced and prepped the missing shape (and made a few extra straight pieces while I was at it).

It took about two hours to lay all the pieces in position, then pin them in place.  I pinned them down because I wanted to hang the piece on the wall to take a picture of it; I will remove the pins as I fuse the pieces to the background.

Are you ready for this??

I can say that I get a better feel for this when I'm looking at it head-on than when I'm looking at it lying on my worktable; I can see that there are some pieces that I'll re-position before fusing them down.

Take a moment to "follow the knot" with your finger . . . I had an extra set of pieces in the lower section originally.  When I followed the knot, I came up with two interlocking knots, not one.  When I removed the pieces, I came up with only one knot.  Who would have thought??


  1. That is going to be a lovely quilt.

  2. Thank you . . . I'm pleased with the way it's turning out, too!!

  3. Hey Ray, there are 3 separate interlocking knots in this design, not 1. Just so you know.
    Looks beautiful.

  4. Steve, there is only one continuous knot, really . . . follow the strand with your finger (slowly), starting with any corner; you should come back to the starting point (eventually).

  5. I have to agree with Steve....I see three pieces. Yes I started in a corner and went around, and did come back to the start point... but did not travel through the two "boomerang" shapes, that intertwine in the center of the cross....

  6. OOPS!! NOW I see what you're talking about . . .

    I stand corrected (and sincerely apologize) . . .

    I completely missed the two "boomerang" shapes.

  7. Raymond, beautiful Celtic pattern! Steve the rights, two small knots are concluded in big knot :-)

  8. Yup, Steve's right . . . young guys got better eyes, LOL!!

  9. Wonderful work, I love celtic knotwork. This works out better than using bias strips like I have in the past!