Monday, May 30, 2011

Mock Celtic Knot Cross . . . (Completed)

It was not a good week:  last Monday evening, I was gonna fuse the pieces of my mock Celtic knot cross to the background.  I unpinned the bottom two pieces and shifted them straight down an inch or so, thinking that I could shift the entire cross by degrees as I fused the pieces.  What could it hurt??

PLENTY!!  (I'm sorry, there are no pictures of the results . . .)

So, Tuesday evening, I went shopping and bought more fabric and fusible web, and started over again.  This time, I pressed vertical and horizontal lines in the background fabric to serve as guides to keep the pieces aligned.  When I was satisfied with the arrangement, I slid a small, portable ironing pad under the background, and ironed all the pieces in place with no shifting of pieces (I at least learned THAT much).

Saturday morning, I was ready to quilt . . .

I originally planned on quilting around the shapes with a narrow zig-zag, but a quick trial showed how difficult (and unwieldy) that would be.  So, I decided to grid-quilt the entire top to at least stitch down the long edges of the pieces in case the fusible web gave way.

I took the quilted (but unbound) piece to church yesterday . . . it was a big hit!!  Some people gave me some great marketing ideas, and others requested a workshop on the no-sew technique (which only served to give me MORE ideas)!!

Last night, I made binding from the last of the fabric; this morning, I attached it.  What do you think of the results?  The quilt measures 44" by 67".

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  1. What a neat way to do large images. I like your Celtic Cross. I also am imagining more projects! Thanks for the lift1

  2. Beautiful! Is it going to hang in the sanctuary? Fusing is good!

  3. This project is intended as a prayer quilt. There is a ministry that makes yarn-tied quilts to be given to those who have need of them. Before presenting the quilt to the recipient, members of the congregation say a prayer and tie a knot in the yarns. The recipient literally wraps up in the prayers of the congregation!!

    This is my first contribution (albeit a trifle larger than normal) . . . the recipient asked me to make them a Celtic knot quilt years ago (before I worked out this technique). It was the least I could do . . .

  4. I really like this technique. You can do so much with it! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do now.

  5. Thank you, Judy . . .

    I've begun a new blog,, that will explore this in more detail.

  6. Hi Raymond, it is a beautiful quilt and what a sacred communal tradition!

  7. Very beautiful, I especially like the color combination. I'm a sucker for anything green & white.

  8. I totally understand your frustration during the creating process. It seems what we see in our mind takes a little longer to materialize than it it was to visualize. Your quilt is beautiful.

  9. Thank you, Pat . . . thank you, Kathleen.

    I think of the drawbacks as part of the learning curve (and necessary).

  10. It is amazing Raymond. I love it. I need to learn to do that too. Did you sew down the pieces at all after they were fused? I have a fear that they will peel up if I don't sew them down.

  11. I did a close overall grid pattern to hold the pieces down (I too fear peeling) . . .

  12. The prayer quilt is beautiful Raymond. I have a Celtic Knot to quilt but am having a difficult time deciding how to quilt it.

    p.s. The quilt show went live yesterday. Come on over and link up with the rest of the quilters. :)

  13. I realize that the postings on this beautiful cross were mostly done October 2011 and I hope you still read this..but is that your own patern for a celtic cross or was it a pattern you purchased. I am looking for a cross for the back of a quilt (for my mom) and I think this would be perfect!! My email is I appreciate your help.

  14. lovely!
    Did you make the pattern, or buy it.
    Is it still available

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