Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Winter Blues" part 4.999 . . .

Yes, at long last, the quilt top is complete!! . . . I've stapled the quilt to the wall in my office, so I can look at it every day. One of my New Year's resolutions is to learn free-motion quilting . . . this quilt will be one of the first ones (after I've had plenty of practice, that is)!!

Here's a detail picture of a single pinwheel . . .

I used two different blacks in this quilt: one with gold stars and spots for the background, and one with dark gray spots for the border . . . this pic shows how the border extends into the body of the quilt, mimicking the arms of the pinwheels, which extend into the border of the quilt. I'd like to think of this as an "integrated border," the border is an integral component of the design, and not just four strips of fabric slapped on . . .

I still have plenty of leftover blue fabrics already cut out . . . except for the dark and light blue fabrics I bought to supplement the supply, there aren't enough pieces in any given color to make complete pinwheels. I'm thinking of "mixing it up" with the fabrics, maintaining the light/dark contrast between the pinwheels, but giving the pinwheels more of a "scrappy" look. I'm thinking of changing the background/border to yellow/orange/red instead of black (which I'll use to make a couple of dark pinwheels in the body of the quilt. What do you think of that??

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  1. I just found your blog and love it. The quilt is just wonderful! I love the movement that you feel when you look at it. Your quilting is wonderful!

  2. great work Raymond! Now that I've started my first quilt with your tiles I actually see the individual pieces that make up each foundation... I think I'm possessed or obsessed, it's really hard to tell.

  3. Thanks, Micki . . .

    Greg, you might just be a little of both, LOL!!

  4. Hey Raymond! I, too, just found you last week. I love your work! I have been free-motion quilting for 4 years now and I am teaching my 1st class of free-motion this Saturday. Give it a try! Take your time and do the 3 p's: Prepare, Practice and Persevere! I love to free-motion!

  5. This quilt is awesome I love the colors. I take it the quilt is all paper pieced. I haven't mastered that yet :) But I would love to make one like it.

  6. I just found you a week or so ago too, and I absolutely love this quilt! I have not tried paper piecing but would do it for something like this. I'm following Greg to see his progress as well. Something hasn't clicked for me with how the design goes together. I know it's not random, but I can't quite wrap my brain around it yet.

  7. Gorgeous! Just make a lot of small quilt sandwiches and start free motioning...with lot's of freedom.