Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Today, January 31st, is my birthday . . . this year, I am the same age as the year I was born, '55.

Years ago, someone told me about one's "Golden Birthday," the year they're the same age as the date they were born (in my case, thirty-one). What is my current birthday called?? Platinum?? Diamond??

So, in honor of my birthday, I'm gonna have a giveaway: I'm gonna give you my address.
Raymond K. Houston
2017-A Ann Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63104

Now, send me something . . . I've already given you two suggestions.

(Gotcha!! LOL!!)


  1. OMG! You so crack me up! I'll get right on that request and dig into my stash of diamonds, gold and platinum.

  2. You my friend are too f**king funny.... You've opened the can... prepare for whatever you shall receive. Happy Birthday my friend, may you have many more.

  3. Thank you Brooke, and thank you Greg . . . I'm richer by far with just your friendship!!

    Greg, I hope that's a can of creamed corn (it's all this "old man" can handle) . . . if it's a can of worms, you can keep it (I'm not much for fishing), LOL!!

  4. The pressure! It's already a belated birthday and... ummm... well... panic has now set in, and that makes me freeze in indecision.

    At least I can say Happy Birthday!!

  5. Happy Birthday! :)

    Best wishes for many more.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The world is a richer place because you are in it! (Now what has Ed given you?)

  7. Funny you should ask, Kelly . . .

    I refuse to set foot in any department store between Thanksgiving and New Years (so, no Christmas gifts) . . . a couple weeks ago, I bought Ed a homebrew beer kit . . . last weekend, as a combination Christmas/birthday gift, Ed bought me a great pair of shoes; today, he took me to the theater to see "The 39 Steps," a comedy based on the book that Alfred Hitchcock based HIS movie on (and brunch beforehand) . . . it was a great play, with four actors playing 150 different roles!! . . . now, we're on our way to the baths, to relax in the sauna, jacuzzi, etc.

    Thank everyone for the birthday wishes . . . I should have a birthday more often!! (but, once a year is enough)

  8. Raymond, You are one very special and talented person with whom I am delighted to share the world. I am so glad to know it is your birthday. All good wishes, Barbara (by John)