Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Pulling a Madonna . . ."


I thank all of you for reading my blog this year past. I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and creative year to come.

As for the title of this post, no, I'm not spending millions to adopt children in a faraway land . . . this is the year I "reinvent" myself. I have a list of resolutions a mile long (and the resolve to implement them). Quilting, Writing, Health, Finances, Household, and Fun Stuff are the major categories (with more to add as I see fit). This time next year should see me leaner (physically), and meaner (not really, but it rhymes). I dunno if I"ll blog about it here, or start a new one to track my progress . . . I DO intend to start a new blog this year cataloging the NGQ tile patterns.

As for THIS blog, there are some neat things coming up (and, I'm not talking about losing my lunch): I've finished the squares for my "Winter Blues" quilt, and will be posting pics of my progress; I'll be posting tutorials on making sandpaper stencils, how to foundation piece, and my views on color theory; I'll be writing the definitive reasons (with examples) of why you shouldn't color your design tiles before arranging them (and just this evening, I got an idea of a card game using the tiles). Once I figure it out, I'll be adding widgets to the blog to make it easier to follow/subscribe to this blog (one of my resolutions is to be more diligent about posting).

I hope you're ready . . . I am!!

Again, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If YOU figure it out, follow this blog!!

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  1. Well I'm late but it all sounds like a great ride. I look forward to seeing it happen...or even better the side trips that come along the way. All the best for this new year.