Monday, January 18, 2010

A day of joy and sadness . . .

I'll leave it to you to determine which is which . . .

Today, we celebrated Martin Luther King's birthday . . . since I work for the City, I had the day off; my partner, Ed, did not.

I got an email from a local quilt guild wanting me to speak at their meeting . . . tenatively, I'll speak to them in April.

I realized I missed the deadline (Saturday) to enter my "Mardi Gras Men" quilt in the 3rd annual "Naughti Gras," an erotic art show

In a way, "Mardi Gras Men" is a homo-erotic quilt: each man has his head between another man's legs; he's leaning on the calf of the man in front of him; and, his other arm is reaching back as though to tell the guy, "don't go anywhere 'cause you're next!!" Of course, each man also has someone else's head between his legs, he's being leaned on by a second man, and a third is telling him, "don't go anywhere 'cause you're next!!" An orgy in fabric (and me on the outside looking in, sigh).

Despite the housework I shoulda done on my day off, I sat at my sewing machine, sewing squares for my next project: a series of table runners in Mardi Gras colors (more about that in the days to come).

Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican/Episcopal), where Ed and I attend, celebrated the day with readings of Martin Luther King's letter, sermons, etc. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. . . . I volunteered to read from 4:00 to 4:30. I read one short piece and one lengthy sermon about "Love Your Enemies" (it was quite moving) . . . I actually read from about 4:15 to 5:00!!

Then, it was time to pick Ed up from work, swing by to get his new glasses, then home to fix fettucine alfredo with asparagus and shrimp for dinner.

Ed went off to his writing class, and I went back to my studio . . . I got several emails from my friends Greg and Ebony with "wonderfully wacky" ideas. They inspired me!!

(p.s. . . . I found out my checking account is overdrawn, and payday isn't until Thursday.)


  1. *GRIN* I'm highly tickled by the orgy getting billing two paragraphs above the church attendence.

  2. I like the quilt - interesting take. Sorry it didn't make the deadline. Colors are great.

  3. Sorry you missed the deadline... But it's not the end of the world. Just think, you participated in something very worthwhile, and helped keep Dr. King's message alive!! And don't sweat the checking account, just declare yourself a country and start writing checks.. Seems to work for our Government!!

  4. Thanks!! . . . All of you are the greatest!!

    Tonight, I got an email saying they'd pass my quilt pic along . . . "Hope springs eternal!!"

  5. Great observation Brooke! I also found that to be quite humorous.

    Glad you were able to get the quilt pic passed along, maybe they will make an exception - it's a great quilt.

    Raymondovia... there, now you are a country & you can print your own money. ;)

  6. Teehee! LOVE the quilt! I also find it interesting the dicotomy of an orgy quilt right before a church discussion! We humans are such interesting creatures! I hope your quilt gets accepted, it is very erotic without being vulgar.
    And the money situation, I am right with you on that! My son is a junior in college and I am paying his rent along with my house payment, and now he needs to go to an allergy specialist once a week for $150 a pop! I can not wait for him to get out on his own. Thin I will have about $1000 extra a month for my quilting habit!
    Hope your Tuesday is good!

  7. I emailed Brooke my take on the "sacred and profane" . . . it just goes to show I'm well-balanced . . . better than leaning too far in either direction, yes??

  8. You've been nominated for the Lemonade Award!! Check it out here