Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Shaking the Winter Blues" Completed!!

Here's a shot of "Shaking the Winter Blues" and a detail shot of a corner.  The quilt measures 80" x 80".  I finished binding the quilt last night, but waited for daylight before taking any pics.  Originally, I was gonna take the quilt to my office, and photograph it, but it snowed overnight and the Courts closed today (so, I got a "snow day").

"Shaking the Winter Blues" was my last project of 2010 . . . I have several new directions I wanna take in the coming year.

For one, I will start working in miniature (3" blocks, instead of 6").  I can still play with color and pattern, without making a bed-size quilt in the process.  At the quilt show last month, my smaller pieces sold well, and the gallery owner would like to see more of my work to sell on an ongoing basis.  A collector in New York City bought three table runners and is having them installed as a triptych.  I had never considered that (until now).  I am going to create series of small quilts (15" square) related by color or by pattern; there will be four to eight quilts in each series.  One or more of the quilts can be grouped together as a "polyptych."

There will also be a new turn in construction techniques . . . (more to come).

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  1. Really nice job Raymond!! Can't wait to see the smaller projects,,

  2. The first order of business is cutting the patchwork pieces (and, they're smaller than I'm used to). I think I have enough pieces to get started . . . I'll keep you posted.

  3. Raymond,

    Great to see one of these made up. The colours have made it come alive, compared to the black, grey and white colours on Tassellation Nation. Not the colours I would have chosen though!

    Judy B

  4. The blue fabrics were left over from my "Winter Blues" quilt . . . I wanted something a little sunnier this time!! This time, the leftover fabrics were all given to my father as a Christmas present (along with leftovers from a number of other quilts) . . .