Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tessellation Nation changes for the third (and final) time . . .

A couple of weeks ago I launched a new blog, Tessellation Nation. The format displayed line drawings of the 4-tile blocks and 9-block patterns. I worked hard to have plenty of posts (about 125) for people to pore over.

A week later, I changed the format to display a line drawing of the 4-tile block and a colored 9-block pattern in black, white, and shades of gray. I deleted all of the previous posts, through a stupid mistake. I have no one to blame but myself.

Well, a couple of days ago, I made a discovery: a 4-block pattern and a 9-block pattern are not necessarily colored the same way!! ARRGH!!

Yesterday, I tried something new. Now, each post displays a line drawing of the 4-tile block and 4-block pattern, followed by a step-by-step coloring of the pattern. Then, there's a line drawing of the 9-block pattern, and a colored pattern (if different from the 4-block pattern).

I'm certain this is the LAST time I'll change the format!! And, I won't delete the prior posts until I've replaced them with new ones, LOL!!

Thank you for reading my blog(s) . . . please feel free to leave a comment, and follow these blogs!!


  1. Your new blog is amazing!!! Thanks for showing all the combinations.

  2. You're welcome, Greg . . .

    But, I lied . . . I DID change the format again, LOL!!

    Now, I just show the line drawings of the block and the pattern, and don't show any coloring at all (it just took too much time to color 'em in). Later, I intend to add a sidebar Page explaining my method of coloring the patterns.

  3. Line drawings are just boring. Give them some life. Add some color. Maybe give them some movement. Lines stacked together ... so what.
    Show us what you can really do!

    But don't ask for input and then feed us the same ol' slop. Do it or do not do it.

  4. Thank you for your input . . . you are in a majority of two (the number of people who responded constructively). "The same ol' slop" reflects a lack of (interest??) from the people who view the blog (and my stats indicate that there are way more than two viewers).

    The subhead for Tessellation Nation reads, "A catalog of patterns generated from a single tile." It does not specify that the patterns will be colored. I have had two people submit their own colored patterns, but declined to have them posted until they've "worked on them some more."

    With that said, why don't you show us what YOU can really do??