Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Facebook, here I come!!

Yes, I broke down and did something I thought I'd never do ("never" should never be used in thought, word, or deed) . . .

Yesterday, several attorneys were talking about the benefits of Facebook profiles . . . specifically, a defendant in a case they were working on had posted pictures and comments about the very case they were working on!! (is that Stupid or Arrogant??)

One of the attorneys turned to me and commented that she was sure I'd have a Facebook profile, with my quilting and all . . . I had to admit I did not, but it was a very slow day in the office and I'd check it out.

Now, I've been on other "social media" sites (which will remain nameless to protect the innocent: me), and I was less than impressed. But, in the spirit of adventure, I posted a profile, and allowed Facebook to comb my email address books (I have three) to find other people who have profiles posted on Facebook. There were so many profiles, I had to click "ALL" rather than send a friend request to each individual.

Hoo Boy!!

Twenty-four hours later, I have over 200 friends!! Someone asked me how much did I pay them . . . I told him that I paid them the same amount I paid HIM, LOL!! "Wow, they must really love you!!" he said. I guess he's right.

Now, I wonder what will happen if I invite those people in my address books who DON'T have a Facebook profile . . . but, first, I need to learn my way around a bit better, post some pics, make some comments, you know, "learn the lay of the land" (unlike those OTHER sites where I "learn the land of the lay" (my bad)).

There have been several new people join my mailing list, and a couple new followers of the blog . . . we'll see where this leads.

As usual, thank you for reading my blog . . . feel free to leave a comment, and follow this blog (and now, Facebook, too)!!


  1. Your friends list keeps growing... Congrats on joining the best time waster onthe planet...

  2. LOL!! (I DID mention that I have three email address books, didn't I??)

    The good thing is I won't get busted at work for "pornography" (my very, VERY bad)!!

  3. I wondered why I got an invite from you. I try keep mine to family, it can get out of hand if you aren't careful. There is no way to read everything even a small group has to banter about. be good cw

  4. I had invites from several different people . . . when I finally posted a profile, the first thing Facebook did was comb through my email address books, looking for other people with Facebook profiles.

    I'm currently going through, hiding the "Games" posts . . .

    I've debated about sending invites to the rest of the people in my address books, but I kinda figure they don't have Facebook profiles because the don't WANT Facebook profiles . . . they're safe from me (for now, LOL!!)

  5. I am still holding out. I just can't see the benefits of FACEBOOK. Mixin' family, friends, hobbies and work (whew!!) overwhelming/

  6. Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming . . . I have an eclectic mix of family, friends, etc. . . . it may be possible to keep 'em separated (but it may be just as fun to "mix it up").

    An important factor in posting a Facebook profile is my blogging . . . I can hopefully drive traffic to my blog through "social media" . . . we'll see.