Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bidding Farewell to Quilt University . . .

After much deliberation, I have decided to withdraw from Quilt University . . .

I had been teaching there since before my appearance on "Simply Quilts" (I was not allowed to mention Quilt University on air). I held the double distinction of being the first male instructor, as well as the first African-American instructor.

My class was called Symmetry Play (a precursor to Beyond Symmetry). The first time the class was offered, eighty-one students enrolled!! Carol Miller, the dean, closed enrollment and offered the class again the following month (a rare occurrence). I've taught students from around the world.

Several years ago, around the time I started working on my book, Beyond Symmetry, I discussed updating my class. Carol said "fine," but the more I worked on the book, the less interested I became in the class. My heart just wasn't in it. Last December, I submitted a class based on my book; Carol was less than thrilled. I told her I'd work on the changes she suggested.

Now, four months later, those changes STILL need to be made (talk about procrastinating!!). I bit the bullet, and wrote Carol to tell her where I stood and ask if she'd remove me from the faculty roster. I told her that teaching is a learning experience, and I thanked her for the opportunity to do both.

Carol accepted my resignation graciously, and said if I ever came up with a new class, she'd be glad to look it over . . .at least, I haven't burned my bridge behind me.

As always, thank you for reading my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment, and follow this blog!!


  1. Change can be tough. But I still adore you!

  2. Thanks, Kheli . . .

    It's heartening to know I have good friends supporting me. Who knows what will come of this??

  3. So I'm a few days late in a comment but hey I quilt by nobody's rules!! Okay except for yours... The new blog kicks ass!!!

  4. Thanks, Greg . . . remind me to tell you my latest rule, LOL!!

  5. Good for you... I know that probably was a tough decision, but I'm sure you feel much better & more relieved at having done that!

  6. Yes, I do, Ebony . . . this decision has opened up new "windows of opportunity" (and I feel less guilty).

  7. Pity, I always wanted to take a class with you....I guess I´ll have to get your book! Good luck and wish you the best.


  8. Thank you, Beatriz . . . this is not to say I won't give another class (at a later date). And, I do still give workshops for quilt guilds.

    This gives me some time to work on the book, to make it the best it can be!! I'll keep you posted.