Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Winter Blues" part 2.5

Below are pictures of my proposed layout of the pinwheels in "Winter Blues." I will alternate light and dark blues. In the foreground of the first pic are the additional fabrics for the stars, squares, and border (and extra light and dark blue pinwheel fabric). Laying out the cut pieces like this allows me to keep track of which pinwheels touch (and, aids in piecing).

Now, to clean and oil my sewing machine . . . I should start sewing this weekend.

My next post will give a step-by-step tutorial on the foundation piecing method I use.

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  1. You are so very organized and your little stacks of fabric are inspiring. I seldom get this organized at the beginning of a project - way to go.

  2. Thank you, Royce . . .

    The stacks of fabrics serve as my design wall (I have no vertical walls in my attic studio). I just have to keep an eye on the cats so they don't jump on the table, looking for clean fabric to lie on, or looking to carry off a stack of fabric (and replace it with a dirty sock from the laundry hamper), LOL!!