Saturday, November 7, 2009

National "Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day"

Who woulda thought??

For about 6 months, Ed and I have gone to a local microbrewery for "Peek-a-Brew" on Wednesday evening. There's a small keg of different homebrews from the brewmaster for tasting. It's generally tasty, and sometimes "exotic" but we've been enjoying it.

Today was National "Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day" (but, I'd already told you that) . . . Ed and I got to the brewery around 8:30 a.m. and there were five guys there already: Jerrod, the assistant brewmaster; Scott, who was milling his grain; Grant; and, John and Chris, two brewing brothers. A little later, Kelly showed up, and Mike arrived and set up his equipment. More people showed up as the morning went on. There was even a reporter from a local online neighborhood newsletter, interviewing the brewers (and wannabees, too).

Ed and I learned a lot about the process of homebrewing (and got to sample the various homebrews from the other brewers).

Noon came before we knew it, LOL!! Ed and I went to load the car for a trip to an Episcopal church two hours south of St. Louis tomorrow: mobile bookstore. We had some lunch, then back to the brewery (but the brewing was nearly done). We sampled some more, then home for a nap (but, wouldn't you??).

We may take up a new hobby . . .


  1. Way to expand your horizons... Quilts and beer.. When can I expect my invite to "Ray & Ed's first annual quilt show and beer tasting"??

  2. How about early next year . . . I'll be mounting a quilt show in a gallery a couple blocks from here. I'll be sure to have plenty of "cold ones" on hand (even if Ed and I didn't brew it), LOL!!

    The show will be a series of quilts done in Mardi Gras colors (purple, gold, and green) as befitting the season.

    (would YOU drink a beer called "Nacho Grandma's Beer"??)

  3. I'm partial to your 'nacho mainstream beer' We have a local pub that brews its own beer and all 5 (or 6) beers really good (and dark!). Last year I had a bottle of Spaten Optimator (7.2% alcohol) and it was GOOD! It was almost the color of milk chocolate. I wanted a case but at $8 a bottle it was rather expensive...

  4. A Beer Man, eh?? . . . for living in St. Louis (home of Annheuser-Busch), I avoid A-B products like the plague!!

    There are several good microbreweries in the area, and liquor stores that carry more imports than you can shake a beer stein at!! (my bad) . . . when you come for a visit, I'll make sure you have good beer.