Monday, September 7, 2009

A weekend with LOTS of reading, little writing (and no 'rithmetic)

Saturday morning, Ed and I went to the library among our other errands. Ed had a book to return and we both needed to renew our memberships.

I checked out four books on self-publishing, and requested 3-4 more.

Saturday afternoon, I read Mark Ortman's "A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing" (1996, 54 pages) in about an hour.

I started reading three books concurrently: "The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing," by Tom & Marilyn Ross (2002, 443 pages); "All-By-Yourself Self-Publishing," by David H. Li (1996, 241 pages); and, "How to Get Your eBook Published," by Richard Curtis and William Thomas Quick (2002, 261 pages). I'd read a chapter (or two) in one book, then put it down and read a chapter in another. If the chapter went on and on and on, I'd put it down and start reading something in a different book. I've read about 100 pages in each.

The books have been great! Not only have they helped me reorganize my material, but they've given me some great ideas about titles, and my audience (can YOU think of who else would appreciate this book??). I am still considering publishing an eBook originally, followed by a print book.

Don't worry . . . I haven't forgotten about you.


  1. Were these self-publishing books themselves self-published? And will you self-publish a book about your self-publishing adventure?

  2. "All By Yourself Self-Publishing" was both Subject and Object . . . the book was its own case study even while the author was telling you what to do.

    So things don't get too confusing, I'm considering starting a new blog about self-publishing, and following other self-publishing blogs as well . . . at this point, I'm mainly reading.