Sunday, September 27, 2009

"He's making a list, he's checking it twice . . ."

Don't worry, the only one "naughty" around here is me (in a nice way) . . .

It's the "Countdown to Rockford," my lecture/workshop gig this week, and there's so much to do, I've made a list (and added to it) to make sure I don't forget anything.

1. Rent car. I did this Friday . . . it'll be cheaper to rent the car for two weeks instead of renting two cars for two different weekends (I go to the western suburbs of Chicago the following week).

2. Complete foundation squares. Yesterday, I stamped and heat-set (ironed) six hundred 8" muslin foundation squares . . . it sure beat the hell outta stencilling 'em all (which is what I used to do). I like the new stamping ink I got. It's thicker, so while the ink does bleed through the starched muslin, it doesn't wick outwards, making thicker lines. Also, the ink gives off very little smell; the ink I had before gave off a harsh chemical smell that permeated the apartment (even with windows open and fans blowing).

What's left to do??

3. Buy rubber stamp cleaner and a fabric marking pen at ArtMart. There are some muslin squares where the ink didn't bleed through enough to be seen on the back (I want these squares to be reversible) . . . I intend to draw in the missing lines where need be.

4. Finish book. I need to design front and back covers; insert running feet and folios (page numbers); insert Table of Contents. Then, I'll run off a copy to scan in the office tomorrow and turn into a PDF file. I'll email the files to FedEx/Kinko's for copying/binding. I'm optimistic--I'll print 75 copies for my first printing.

5. Assemble design workshop materials. The other day, I had an idea: I'll enlarge the design tiles to 8", then copy 'em. I have a cheap bulletin board that will fit on my easel. I'll stick a pin through the center of the tiles and attach 'em to the bulletin board. Then I can rotate 'em for the entire class to see!!
I need to create a handout for the students. I'm pulling the tables of possible blocks from the book. FedEx/Kinko's can copy the handouts and design tiles (on card stock and regular copy paper).

6. Assemble construction workshop materials. I need to print templates on card stock, then glue 'em to the backs of sheets of sandpaper. I have no idea how many students in either workshop, so I'll prepare for twenty-five, just in case.
I'm supplying each student a template to cut out, and sixteen foundation muslin squares, enough to make four 4-patch blocks. They can either make a 2 ft. sq. wall hanging or a 4 ft. long table runner. If I have time, I'll write the handout as I go; I'd like to make a sample to show.

Um, er, if you'll excuse me, I've got work to do . . .

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  1. Yes, it sounds like you will be busy- but I'm sure both workshops will go well. I'm happy that things are really starting to move for you!

  2. Thank you, Beverly . . .

    I don't leave until Wednesday, so there's time (I think) . . . I checked out a couple of books on tape at the library (one of 'em is called "Nostradamus Ate My Hamster"), so I'll have company on the drive.

    The lecture is Thursday . . . the design workshop is on Friday . . . the construction workshop is on Saturday . . . I drive back on Sunday, and get ready to do it again in Western Springs, IL, the following week (drive up on Wednesday; TWO lectures on Thursday (morning and evening); design workshop on Friday; construction workshop on Saturday; and, drive back on Sunday).

    Thankfully, Monday, Oct. 12 is Columbus Day, and the office is closed. I go back to work on the 13th (tired, but extremely happy).

    No more scheduled trips until March, 2010 . . . then, it'll be across country to Santa Rosa, CA (I'll ship my materials there and back and fly, LOL).

  3. If you were within half a days drive I would attend. I have a couple of ideas for some unique quilts, even made some design drawings of the patterns but have never finished. Too many irons in the fire I guess. Glad to hear things are going well :)

  4. For your Santa Rosa trip, you could open with the joke "I just flew in from STL and boy are my arms tired!!" Maybe not, but at least you gotta few days to recover and plan for that trip!

  5. I'm glad to hear from you, Tijir . . . it's been awhile.

    Greg, I've got until March next year to come up with an appropriate opening joke, LOL!!