Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Medicating Rambo . . .

Thanks to those who asked about my kitty, Rambo . . .

When I last wrote about the felonious feline, he was drooling blood . . . it was a "giving" morning: I gave Rambo a trip to the vet; the vet gave Rambo two shots in the butt (after cutting off his collar, the cause of the problem); the vet gave me a bottle of antibiotics (and, the bill) . . . ERK!!

I put the antibiotics in the refrigerator, where they stayed until I returned from Ste. Genevieve on Saturday . . . then, the fun began. Who would have imagined that getting an eyedropper of medicine down a cat's throat is a two-man job??

First, we wrapped Rambo in a towel for two reasons: cats shed fur when stressed (and, this was gonna be a stressful moment for all concerned) . . . and, the towel acts like a straight jacket, immobilizing his legs (did I mention that our cats have their claws??)

Ed held Rambo while I pried his jaws open to deliver the medicine (Rambo's jaws, not Ed's). Rambo's jaws clacked shut at the first eyedropper of medicine, bathing his gums and my fingers in goo . . . I think I got some medicine down his throat the second time, but I'm not sure. And of course, he's squirming and thrashing in Ed's arms the whole time. He took off as soon as he got free (Rambo, not Ed).

That was Saturday evening . . . we haven't repeated the experience, though the vet suggested using up the entire bottle of antibiotics.

I think it'll be less of a hassle if Ed and I take the medicine . . . maybe during Happy Hour, when we can chase it with a good, stiff cocktail!!


  1. your best bet getting the meds down is to place the eyedropper in the back corner of kitties mouth it props his jaw open and then you can get the meds down without him biting you. Good luck ;O)

    Oh one other thing the towel does is it stops you from smelling like pi$$ed off cat LOL!

  2. LOL!!

    The other night, Ed says, "Rambo is back to his usual rambunctious self . . . guess we don't need to give him the antibiotics, huh??"

    (I didn't say a word . . .)

  3. Medicating a cat, or the process of trying, is definitely a two person job..Since we've heard from you, we'll assume you made it out alive, but how's Ed holding up?