Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to grow a fabric stash . . .

For years, I prided myself for being a "quilter without a stash."  I just didn't get the concept of collecting fabric that wasn't put to use.  When I had a project in mind, I'd buy fabric for it, and whatever I didn't use was put to use in the NEXT project, or I passed the remaining fabric to my dad, who also quilts.

Well, last year, I joined several fabric swaps sponsored by the Yahoo! group, QuiltGuy.  One theme was Fall, and the other theme was Winter Blues.

Earlier this year, I joined not one but THREE different fabric swaps:  Solids, Neutrals, and Tone-on-Tone.  There were about twenty guys in on each, so that meant I had to buy about five yards of each, with the promise of getting about five yards each, cut into fat quarters.

Here they are . . . what do you think of 'em??
Granted, I did have a little fabric of my own to add to the stack (the rest I'd given to my dad as a Christmas present), so there's maybe twenty yards of fabric here.

Whatever shall I do with it??  It's for darn sure it won't sit around gathering dust!!


  1. Here these present riches! It is possible to sew many coverlets! :-)

  2. Yes, I'm going to sew as many coverlets, baby quilts, and prayer quilts as I can!!