Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday!! (Mardi Gras!!)

How y'all are??

Here I am in The Big Easy (New Orleans) . . . we've been here since Thursday.

The train ride down was comfortable and relaxing; we loved our little roomette (complete with meals in the dining car). Our host threw a surprise birthday party for his friend upon our arrival, and we've had a great time ever since.

We took in four parades on Friday, and caught our share of beads (and maybe some of yours, too)!!

On Saturday, we were guests at a house party at the start of another parade; fun was had by all . . .

We stayed in on Sunday. On the train down, we started reading "The Sparrow," and continued whenever we weren't doing something else.

Yesterday, Ed and I took the bus into the French Quarter. We had lunch along Decatur St., then wandered back home. Later, we went to a bar . . .

Today is Mardi Gras Day!! Even though the BIG parades are today, our hosts are gonna watch 'em from the comfort of the living room. The temperature is in the 30s, and that's just TOO cold to stand, watching a parade and catching beads (no biggie).

Tomorrow, Ed and I will go to church to get ashes imposed (that sorta thing happens on Ash Wednesday).

The rest of the week, we'll get out and about more, since Mardi Gras is over (and Lent has begun).

I have limited internet access (and no access to my computer files, software, etc.). So, there'll be no Transformation Tessellation Tuesday (or, coloring pages on Wednesday). I'll be back on schedule next week, once the vacation is over.

Thank you for reading my blog . . . please feel free to leave a comment and follow this blog!!


  1. Lucky you. Can't wait to read the full report when you return. My only question is what are you giving up for Lent?

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  3. We visited New Orleans on Fat Tuesday and it definitely was in the low temps. But after New Orleans (diehard Saints fan) won the Super Bowl and I had not taken a mini-vacation in over a year I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself to the fullest.