Friday, December 18, 2009

Pumpkin Juice

Here's a pic of my last quilt, "Pumpkin Juice." I finished it just before Halloween with the last of the "Fall" fabric swap on the QuiltGuy Yahoo! group. I donated it to my church, Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican/Episcopal), for a fundraising benefit for the choir (I sing baritone/bass). I didn't have time to photograph it before donating it, so I asked a fellow chorister to take a pic of it at the event.

Two months later, and I just got the pic . . . freelancers: you can't live with 'em, you can't shoot 'em, LOL!!

If the pattern looks familiar, it's the same one I'm gonna use for my "Winter Blues" quilt (which is pretty much as you last saw it in earlier posts). I was "getting a feel for it" this time around. With all the elapsed time, I'm gonna have to "feel" all over again!!

This 36" square quilt raised $200 at auction, btw . . .


  1. Love it! I am working on an orange quilt right now and I am having trouble liking it. I have to keep telling myself it is for my husband in honor of his baby....his Grabber Orange Mustang. So, rock on! Love it. I will spend some time now getting to know your blog. Steph

  2. Thank you, Stephanie . . .

    I can't say that orange is my favorite color, either, but it went well with the other fabrics . . . there's no rule that says you HAVE to like the color of a quilt, just love the quilt itself, LOL!!

    I have the cut pieces of a blue quilt on my worktable, and the cut pieces of yellow, green, and purple fabric in a couple of baggies for a series of Mardi Gras quilts . . .

    The sooner you finish your orange quilt, the sooner you can start on another quilt in a different color!!

  3. I just love the orange quilt and I don't normally like orange. It has made me print out my tile and start coloring. This just may be one of my first quilts of this new year. Great blog always enjoy your work. Keep it up.

  4. Thank you, Royce . . . you'll have to keep me apprised of your progress with the tiles and the quilt you make of it.