Monday, October 1, 2012

Nacho Grandma's Quilts is Dead . . . Long Live Nacho Grandma's Quilts!!

It's been awhile since I've posted on this blog . . .

In the interim, I've started two other WordPress blogs (Tessellation Nation, and Knotty Celtic Knots), which have floundered also.

A week or so ago, I started a project I've been wanting to do for some time . . . My original website, Nacho Grandma's Quilts (of which this blog was a part) has languished for years, partly due to a number of reasons.  I always wanted to consolidate my internet real estate under one umbrella.

Now, I have . . .

Today, I've launched a new Nacho Grandma's Quilts!!

The new site teaches my method of designing patchwork quilts (though the site is not exclusive to quilters).  I've turned my method into a game.  I show you how to draw your own playing pieces, and I show you the moves of the game.  The objective of the game is to create allover patterns.  I am cataloging the designs I come up with, and presenting them as coloring pages that you can color online, print, or email.

I hope you like it . . .

Over time, I will include sections on Color Theory and Celtic Knots.

But I won't be posting on THIS blog anymore . . . please join me on the new one!!


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