Saturday, September 11, 2010

Studio Tour, 2010!!

Alright, alright . . . I told you I found my digital camera some time ago, but I haven't taken any pics of the new studio space (until this morning).

Here I am, nearing the top of the stairs to my studio, and this is what greets me:

. . . a mess, huh??  Another step or two, and I'm at the top of the stairs and you can see more of the room:

I'm facing south.  To my right is the only unbroken wall in the place; it's painted brick.  Leaned up against it are the top and shelf to my worktable, and my ironing board.  In the far corner are the sawhorses that support the ironing board.

Now, I'll turn to the left a bit . . .

Here's more of the room:  bookshelves, boxes, and a computer table that holds my sewing machine (in the case) and microwave (for fabric dyeing).

Now, a little more to the left . . .

This wall faces east.  There are two windows in this wall (one holds the a/c unit).  The only electric outlet in this room is just past the window on the left.  I have a rolling secretary's chair (which rolled fitfully on hardwood floors and this place is wall-to-wall carpeting).  There are three white plastic tables and one sewing machine cabinet (which isn't for the machine I have).

Now, a little more to the left . . .

You can't see it from where I'm standing, but that dark vertical bar at the left of the picture is the opening to a closet (I'll have to move into the room to take a picture of that).

Turning left again . . .
The opening to the closet is at the right of the picture, now.  The closet is neither very wide nor deep, and there is no door on it.

Turning left again . . .
This window faces north, and overlooks the roof of the second floor bedroom.

One final turn brings me . . .

. . . back to the stairwell I just came up.  There's a little shelf level with the floor.  I put my "Road Hog" on it:  he's a plush pink pig dressed in leather cap and vest.  When you squeeze his hoof, he dances and sings a cute little song that ends, "c'mon baby, talk dirty to me!!"

Well, there you have it . . . the start of a beautiful relationship.  I just need to put things in order.

I'll keep you updated on my progress (I promise) . . .

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  1. Very nice space, Raymond- much cheerier than the basement studio I visited a few years ago. Once the organizing is done, it will be a great place to work.

    Are those professional photography lights on those poles? If so, lucky you!

  2. Thank you both!!

    Brooke, the space is 15 ft. wide by 30 ft. long . . .

    Beverly, those are the halogen work lights I used in the basement studio all those years ago . . . they'll make good photography lights in the new space, though.

  3. What a fab space! You are going to LOVE it!
    All my stuff is now in storage, we finally sold our house (after 20 months) and are stying with family til we find a new place to live. I have my main sewing machine with me, but no dedicated sewing space, so I will just have to make do! At least (and most!) my hubby and I are living tof=gether again! So happy about the Joe Cunningham book! I can't wait to get my copy. I haven't been to a show that large (2 of my quilts have, but their not talkin') but I imagine it is going to be fantastic. So happy for your successes!